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Falconry Displays are available for a wide variety of events and activities.

At Arden Falconry you will find many different birds of prey; including 8 types of owls, 4 types of falcons and 1 type of hawk.

A Harris Hawk being rewarded

On Site Displays 

   Arden falconers will fly the birds of prey at regular scheduled flying displays which are held at Hatton Country World in a purpose built area set in beautiful Warwickshire countryside and situated next to the aviaries.

    These will thrill you with exhilarating displays of amazing flying skills and provide audiences with an informative, entertaining and educational commentary on the history of falconry.

Visitors of all ages are regularly invited to participate
in these displays.

Outside Displays

   Displays can be arranged for a variety of outside events which have included: County shows, village fetes, school fayres , farmers markets, medieval jousts, heritage centre activities, corporate events, scout /guide camps, weddings, etc.

Our free flying displays are spectacular and well presented; our commentaries are renowned for being entertaining and informative.

We involve the audience wherever possible.

  We supply a mixed team of Hawks, Falcons and Owls from different continents.
  The birds are on static display throughout your event so that the falconer can talk to the public, allowing photographs.
  Flying displays can be virtually any length but we normally recommend 2 x 30 minute displays as the optimum.

A training session with Danielle


Outside Display Structures

1 - Whole day static display      2 - Half day static display plus 1 x ½hr flying display      3 - Half day static display plus 2 x ½hr flying displays

We are always ready to start on time and we vacate the arena on time.   Running an event can be a thankless and traumatic task; we believe our job is to make yours easier.   To that end we can extend or shorten our displays to get a program back on schedule.


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