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How and where to find us

What do we offer?

  A team of Falcons, Hawks and Owls, all of which are used to flying to children and members of the public, in classrooms or school halls if the weather is bad, or outside providing suitable facilities are available.

  Please contact us at Arden Falconry for your requirements. Go via the contact page

  An informative talk will be given by an experienced falconer about birds of prey in their natural environment, flight, conservation, hunting techniques, and their role in history.

  Their relevance to the Key Stages 1 and 2 Programmes of Study can be incorporated as appropriate.

Danielle, one of the falconers, with Jessica the European Eagle Owl and one of the visiting children

Barn owl

Audience participation

  It is always our goal where possible to involve the children.  By having a bird fly to them, holding them, or having them as models in art classes, etc.

  For some of the children this will be a rare opportunity to be in close contact with these truly magnificent creatures.

  Children benefit from hands on experience which provides a lasting impression.

  Teaching packs can be provided before visits and activity packs are available afterwards if required.

Head of the Kestrel, up close

All falconers are Police checked and we carry public liability insurance.

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